System Setup

Special configuration menus allow to manage accounts, schemes of each plant and required alarms. For each available feature, you can […]

Data downloading in several formats

Every report, both graphic and tabular, can be exported in various formats to be inserted into energy audit documents (images, […]

Energy Balance

If there are production plants (eg. photovoltaic systems), Ener2You allows to process the consumption and production data in order to […]

Historical Data Reports

Reports allow to create detailed graphical and tabular queries on individual measures coming from the monitored devices in a selected […]

Time Slots Pricing Reports

Tabular reports on consumption of a given energy vector according to its own time slots pricing. Data analysis, highlighted with […]

Characteristic Curves Reports

Graphical reports on the average energy flows for specified time intervals based on the “factory calendar”. Thus you can have […]

Hourly Consumption Distribution

Tabular report showing the hourly distribution of daily consumption of a selected energy vector. This analysis allows to immediately identify […]

Energy Flows Reports ( production and consumption)

The portal can generate tabular and graphical reports to analyze flows coming from various energy vectors, by aggregating the measures […]

Centralized Managment of all plants

Ener2You provides a multi-installation and multi-user access in order to manage in a centralized way all monitored plants.