Ener2You DE102

DE102 supports operators in the drafting of Energy Diagnosis for as required by art. 8 of Legislative Decree no. 102/14 (European Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency). The Software is able to provide, in a simple and intuitive way, a thorough knowledge of the energy consumption profile of entities, subjected to Diagnosis and, thanks to the Decision Support System, suggests a wide range of improvement interventions achievable to reduce the energy cost. The Software is a cloud tool, based on a user-friendly interface, viewable even from smartphones and tablets, which guides the operator in the generation of energy audit reports and the insertion of the essential elements in the different sections.


It gives the possibility to place all energy loads on the site, subject of ED, and associate them to the […]

Section of Interventions

On the basis of the entered data and thanks to smart logic that implements the software (D.S.S.), it is able […]


The DE102, thanks to its modularity can be easily integrated with Ener2You-MONITORING to conduct more thorough diagnosis with the aid […]