On the basis of the entered data and thanks to smart logic that implements the software (D.S.S.), it is able to provide the suggestions on the possible actions to be implemented, aimed to reduce the ENERGY COST OF THE CUSTOMER.

It is also possible to create custom interventions. Suggested interventions include both the thermal and electrical part and in particular can be traced to:

  1. Energy efficiency interventions;
  2. Self-production interventions.

The interventions will be accompanied by thorough technical and economic analysis with the calculation of cash flows and the main economic indices for investment appraisal (NPV, IRR, Pay Back Period, NPV/Investment). Finally, thanks to a powerful sw calculation, the DE102 will be able to simulate all the cost items in the bill and ensure its compatibility with the energy costs supported by the customer.

With this module, the customer can assess the possibility of reducing his energy cost by checking for better contract terms than existing in the deregulated market. Finally, there will be suggestions on the possible opportunity to optimize costs related to excise duties and to Value Added.